Saturday, November 12, 2011


Just made a review on blink-182's Neighborhood.
click here to view, it's on my tumblr :)

Tom, Mark and Travis 

Friday, November 11, 2011


I named this blog with pokimerah, which means red Pocky.
Yeah, this red pocky is refer to a very popular stick chocolate snack: Pocky.
The reason why I chose the name is because it's something that pops out of my bf. When we went to movie, we bought Pocky as a snack, but because we also bought some chips and drinks which made our stomach full (yes chips can make us full, esp when it comes from the large size), the pocky is left uneaten. I brought the pocky back home, and until the day he came to my house, we ate the pocky together.
At that particular day, he said that terms: poki merah. And the words just simply stuck in my head and I love it :)

the main suspect ;p
ain't you just craving these buddies now? :9

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Welcome to my world

Learning is a process that will never end.
Don't you think?
My bf just learning how to drive. And that is so good, since I always be the driver all this time ;p
There's no word such 'too late' for learning.
Well, here I am, writing on my first post in blogspot. Yeah, I'm a newbie! Hooray for me.
oh wait, can we categorize writing a post in blogspot to learning something? Oh sure. I'm Indonesian, and english is not my mother language. So let's just consider I'm learning and practicing my english here ;p
Oh by the way, I just miss a class today. Well, this is the first time I skip class in this semester. Great huh? Guess, I'm way too nerd to skip class ;p
The thing is, I have this annoying classmate and unfortunately I had to be in the same group with her. Yeah, I know, BUMMER! But all this time I tried to be patience and keep telling myself that this is the only class I had with her. I should be grateful as a senior who retake the class and can't find 'friends' to be in group with, there she is, asking to be in a group with me! So yeah, what can I say?
Okay, let's just forget about that, talking about her will only make me get this strange feeling to punch somebody in the head..
Well, it's raining again today, same like yesterday, and the day before, and the days before..
Don't get me wrong.
I love rain.
I love gloomy weather.
It feels so good and relaxing.
Feeling the ambience of calm and peaceful sound of raindrop outside..
Oh, heaven!