Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Mycroft Post

Mungkin ada beberapa orang yang kaget pas melihat kemunculan aktor bertubuh tambun di film Sherlock Holmes: A Games of Shadow yang “mengaku” sebagai kakak laki-laki dari Sherlock yang bernama Mycroft. What the hell Sherlock punya kakak kaya gitu? Apalagi disana tiba-tiba ada adegan toplessnya juga. Doh Hollywood, Hollywood, why you’re always ruining my imagination -__-
Well, pas pertama kali baca The Greek Interpreter gue juga kaget pas tiba-tiba Sherlock menyebut-nyebut nama kakaknya, Mycroft. Soalnya dari awal cerita, tak pernah satupun dari keluarga Holmes pernah disebut-sebut sebelumnya. Gak cuma gue sih, si Dr. Watson juga kaget ”.. I had to believe that he was an orphan with no relatives living, but one day, to my very great surprise, he began to talk to me about his brother.”
Anyway, ini penampakan Mycroft seperti yang diilustrasikan oleh Sydney Paget di The Greek Interpreter:
Di novelnya, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle menceritakan bahwa Mycroft berusia 7 tahun lebih tua dari Sherlock, which means he was born in 1847 (Sherlock was born in 1854); bertubuh gemuk; berotak lebih cemerlang dari Sherlock namun tidak punya ambisi dan energi untuk jadi crime investigator like his brother; jadi salah satu pendiri Diogenes Club, where he spent most of his time; dan bekerja sebagai books auditor for some British government departments.
Later on, sehubungan dengan pekerjaannya itu, peran Mycroft di pemerintahan Inggris ternyata jauh lebih substansial daripada hanya sekedar ‘audit books’, Sherlock once said ”Occasionally he is the British government…the most indispensable man in the country.
Peran penting Mycroft di pemerintahan Inggris pun disinggung-singgung dalam versi modern Sherlock buatan BBC. Di A Scandal in Belgravia, dimana Sherlock dibawa paksa ke Buckingham Palace cuma dengan selembar seprei melilit tubuhnya *ahem* tiba-tiba Mycroft udah ada disana dan act casually like he’s the owner of the place haha. Turns out, he is also a British Secret Service in his “free time”.
Ngomong-ngomong soal karakter Mycroft di Sherlock BBC, gue sangat suka bagaimana chemistry antara kakak beradik ini digambarkan di situ. Dari awal, peran Mycroft udah misterius banget. Tiba-tiba nelpon dan “nyulik” John Watson di tengah keramaian Brixton, terus refers himself as Sherlock’s arch-enemy dan ujung-ujungnya menawarkan duit buat mendapatkan informasi tentang kegiatan Sherlock sehari-hari dari John. Tapi akhirnya terbongkarlah bahwa itu cumasibling feud aja -__- Anyway, sebenernya cara Mycroft itu so sweet banget, soalnya dia diam-diam sangat perhatian sama adiknya. “I worry about him. Constantly.”Aww..aww :3
M: ” This petty feud between us is simply childish. People will suffer..and you know how it always upset Mummy.”
S: “I upset her? Me? It wasn’t me that upset her, Mycroft”
What a deep question, Sherlock
And here’s Mycroft’s answer. Duh.
Di Sherlock BBC juga, image Mycroft yang bertubuh besar dipatahkan oleh Mark Gatiss sang pemeran Mycroft, sekaligus co-exec Sherlock bersama Steven Moffat, yang bertubuh kurus. Akhirnya di serial itu Mycroft diceritakan telah “losing weight” namun masih susah menghindari makanan manis dan sering sakit gigi. Ha! Bisa aja deh situ..
Mycroft Holmes as portrayed by Mark Gatiss. Like a boss indeed!
Mycroft versi Hollywood yang diperankan oleh Stephen Fry. Lebih mirip sama ilustrasi SP.. satu poin plus deh meskipun udah dibikin topless juga disana haha.
Another pic of Stephen Fry. Mirip, mirip.
Saking populernya Sherlock Holmes, di tahun 1971 sampai 1986 ada sebuah perkumpulan yang menamakan dirinya The Mycroft Holmes Society of Syracuse. Di akhir abad ke 20, Mycroft Holmes pun dihidupkan kembali oleh penulis Amerika bernama Quinn Fawcett (yang sebenarnya merupakan nama pena dari dua orang penulis Chelsea Quinn Yarbro dan Bill Fawcett) yang membuat empat seri novel tentang Mycroft Holmes yang diterbitkan pertama kali pada tahun 1997.
Seperti menyaingi kepopuleran adiknya, karakter Mycroft Holmes pun sempat muncul dan menjadi referensi dalam beberapa karya penulis lain. Contohnya Agatha Christie, dalam The Big Four, dia pernah menyinggung-nyinggung nama Achille Poirot sebagai kakak dari Hercule Poirot. Bahkan Hercule Poirot sendiri mengatakan “Don’t you know that every detective has a brother who is smarter but less practical than himself?” Haha! Both Holmes brothers are mentioned again in The Labors Of Hercules, in which one of Poirot’s friends teases him about his unusual Christian name. He jokes that Mrs. Poirot and Mrs. Holmes must have collaborated when naming their sons. :)
Selain itu, kisah Mycroft - Sherlock pun menjadi salah satu inspirasi dari plot sebuah serial tv detektif Amerika, Monk. Disana Adrian Monk diceritakan punya kakak bernama Ambrose yang seperti halnya Mycroft, lebih pintar dari diri Adrian namun mempunyai less willing to investigate lantaran mengidap agoraphobic.
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The Temple of Olympian Zeus

Received a postcard from a high school friend yesterday. Yes, that lucky dude was visiting Athens a few weeks ago *super envy.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy Eid Mubarak

I know it's almost a week late. But it's never too late to say apologize if I ever offended you in any way in my posts.
Semoga Allah menerima ibadah saum Ramadhan kita semua dan membuat kita menjadi fitri kembali di bulan Syawal ini. Amin ya Rabb..

Monday, August 13, 2012

Rockafelt continued..

Yes, peeps! I'm continuing my felt project. Turned out, it's so fun to create something cute and functional out of simple materials :)
Here they are, the newest family member of Rockafelt

Say hello to Mochu, the pink monkey!
Actually I got the design of this monkey from a website called, but the monkey was not a felt craft over there. Of course I customize it here and there as usual. So far this is my favorite one. It's just so cute huh?
My bro helped me find an unused ring and made it into a keychain. I used it as a bag charm though ;p

Don't fold your book please. Use this leave bookmark instead :)
You can't see the back in this photo, but it made from a baby green colored felt.

Another Keep Calm pin cushion? 
Yes it is! I removed the mustache this time because it's so freakin' hard to make :(

Well, this is it. The Rockafelt family. I'm considering adding some more. I have ideas in mind and a handy book, just need a little more time.
What? Busy? Pfft you gotta kidding me! Hahah
Oh, well yes I'm an unemployment. But I considered myself as a busy unemployment heheh. I mean, Idul Fitri is coming in days. Soooo excited!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Super recommended album of the year!

The Temper Trap self titled.
Lagu-lagunya semua enaaaaak. 
Memang singlenya bikin kecele sih, karena ironisnya menurut gue Need Your Love agak lemah kalau dijadikan single pertama. Apalagi kalau dibandingkan dengan kemegasuperhits-an nya Sweet Disposition dari album breakthrough mereka, Conditions. 
Tapi jangan keburu ilfil untuk dengerin sisa lagu-lagu di album self titled ini, soalnya menurut gue, track-track selanjutnya makin enak dan nyaris semuanya sempurna! Man oh man, I love this band so much. 
What a great comeback guys!

Track by track The Temper Trap:

Need Your Love
London's Burning
Trembling Hands
The Sea Is Calling
This Isn't Happiness
Where Do We Go From Here
Never Again
Rabbit Hole
I'm Gonna Wait
Leaving Heartbreak Hotel

Want[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]
The Trouble With Pain[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]
Everybody Leaves In The End
[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]

ki-ka: Joseph Greer, Lorenzo Sillitto, Dougy Mandagi, Toby Dundas, Jonathon Aherne


Hey j-j-jaded, you got your mama's style 
But you're yesterday's child to me 
So jaded 
You think that's where it's at 
But is that where it's supposed to be 
You're gettin' it all over me and serrated 

My, my baby blue 
Yeah I been thinkin' about you 
My, my baby blue 
Yeah you're so jaded 
And I'm the one that jaded you 

Hey j-j-jaded 
In all it's misery 
It will always be what I love and hated 
And maybe take a ride to the other side 
We're thinkin' of 
We'll slip into the velvet glove 
And be jaded 

My, my baby blue 
Yeah I'm thinkin' about you 
My, my baby blue 
Yeah, I'm so jaded 
And baby I'm afraid of you 

Your thinking's so complicated 
I've had it all up to here 
But it's so overrated 
Love and hated 
Wouldn't trade it 
Love me jaded 

Hey j-j-jaded 
There ain't no baby please 
When I'm shootin' the breeze with her 
When everything you see is a blur 
And ectasy's what you prefer 

My, my baby blue 
Yeah I'm talkin' about you 
My, my baby blue 
Yeah I've been thinkin' about you 
My, my baby blue 
Yeah you're so jaded 
You're so jaded 
'Cause I'm the one that jaded you

You gotta be kidding me if you don't know this song. I absolutely love "Jaded" since the first time I saw the video on MTV, long long time ago...
And you know what? There's Mila Kunis in it! She's the girl who played the..uh.. jaded girl. She's way younger yet really pretty. It's like Dian Sastro in "Jadikan Aku Pacarmu" all over again haha. (if you know what I mean). The video itself tells a story of a girl who has lost the ability to feel due to losing touch with reality. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mustache attack!

What's with mustache? Why suddenly it's mustache everywhere? 
Gosh, sometimes the internet scares the hell out of me <-- lebay
Anyhow, I don't feel like I hate this trend. I mean, mustache never been as cute as nowadays. I have a mustache ring too, and I love it :)
Here are some pictures of mustaches I found on the internet.

See? It's everywhere. Mustache has touch everything. From t-shirt to mugs, from jewelry to nail art, from shoes to cookies..haha.
And this is my favorite mustache thingy picture I found on the internet:

The diy mustache stamp! Made from a pencil eraser..brilliant!

The rings above is similar with mine but I would like to have one like this:

So...have you been mustached too?


What is Rockafelt anyway?
Well, it's the name I choose for my felt sewing project :)
A few days ago, I bought this book about the tutorial of making crafts out of the felt/flannel and suddenly I fell in love. I like it cause it's rather simple and oh, how cute they look! Honesty, this is not a new thing for me, since I have done the same project in high school, I was made a Bart Simpson's head out of a yellow felt and it turns out good as I used it as a hanging decoration in my old car. Ah, good old times..
So, the next day after I bought the book, me and bf went again to the bookstore and hang out around the Craft & Co's corner there. I bought a newspaper printed flannel and a small pack of poly fill. After I got home, I immediately finished my old time rabbit pillow project (which I already cut the fabric out weeks ago but then abandon it until I finally bought some poly fill to filled it out) and a cellphone pouch. The result is here:

Not bad huh?

The next project is to make a stuffed owl. Bf requested the color: blue. I went to King's the next day to bought the materials. To my surprise, the stuffs are not so pricey there! I made a total purchase of 42k and I already got: 50x100 cm blue and black felts, ten pieces of 25x25 cm felts and also a bunch of poly fill. Phew, imagine how many creation I can make out of them! Haha.
Long story short, I made the stuffed owl as the book told and it turns out like this:

Oh yeah, I made that keep calm teacup pin cushion too. Why? Well maybe it's because of the Olympic euphoria or..I just get inspired ;p Oh have I told you that I'm also some kind of an Anglophile too? 

And here it is, my latest creation. I made a glasses pouch as a gift for grandma's upcoming birthday.
As a newbie, I'm quite productive in these past two days ;p hahaha

What's next?