Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Sweet dream, please do come true

Pernah gak sih mimpi indaaaah banget sampe ga rela rasanya buat bangun? Atau pernah gak sih ngerasain mimpi bersambung? 
Maksudnya mimpi bersambung itu adalah ketika kita terbangun dari mimpi indah dan super duper ngerasa kecewa karena ternyata itu hanya mimpi, lalu kita pun berusaha tidur lagi untuk kembali meneruskan mimpi indah itu. 

Last night, gue ngalamin itu semua. 

Gue mimpi nonton konser. Konsernya bukan sembarang konser, konser Radiohead men! 

Gue mimpi ngeliat Thom Yorke di depan mata gue, nyanyiin lagu Fake Plastic Trees. Di mimpi itu gue berdiri paling depan dan ikutan nyanyi. Taunya si Thom ngasih mic ke gue hahaha, sumpah naon pisan. Jadi di mimpi gue jarak antar panggung dan penonton itu deket, si Thom tinggal lean forward dikit dan dia udah bisa nyodorin mic ke gue hihihi. Disana dia super keren banget dengan pake jaket kulit dan rambutnya tiba-tiba udah pendek lagi ala-ala In Rainbows era. Ga keliatan deh om om looknya. 
Gue nyanyi ampe serak terus after concert gue ngeliat si Thom pergi dengan menaiki kuda, padahal Colin, Jonny, Phil sama Ed pada naek mobil ahahaha. Makin aneh aja ini mimpi. Nah di mimpi gue juga ikutan pulang setelah mobil gue dianter sama valet. Di mimpi itu tiba-tiba ada beberapa temen gue nongol dan ikut nebeng, padahal kan gue tadi nonton Radiohead sendiri ya? Haha. Anyway pokonya gue kebangun dan feel so sad karena itu semua cuma mimpi. Oh God... :(

Akhirnya karena masih dini hari, gue tidur lagi. Taunya mimpi gue bersambung! 
Jadi di mimpi 2.0 ini, tiba-tiba ade gue nongol dan ngasih kabar kalau dia baru ditunjuk jadi orang yang harus nganterin Thom Yorke balik ke hotel buat istirahat. Dafuq. Terus karena dia tau gue ngefans abis sama Radiohead, dia pun ngajakin gue buat nemenin dia. My oh my.

Akhirnya kita berdua (eh gak berdua deng, soalnya tiba-tiba di mobil ada si pacar dan satu temen ade gue haha) pun ngejemput Thom Yorke dari gig dia yang kedua di Indo. Disana finally akhirnya gue bisa semobil sama Thom. Dia banyak cerita dan kita ngobrol. Teuing tah ngobrol naon -__-
Terus pas sampai di hotel tempat dia nginep, tiba-tiba dia minta dibikinin kue. Dengan semangat 45 gue pun bikinin dia kue tart. Ini sih karena efek gue nonton TV Champion edisi kue pengantin pas sore harinya nih haha. Pas lagi bikin kue itu gue kebangun untuk kedua kalinya daaaaaaan kecewa berat karena itu semua lagi-lagi cuma mimpi. *sigh*

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

On the wall

I really love to spice up the wall with wall arts such as posters, paintings, photos, magazine pages.... just anything that can make the pale boring wall become colorful and artsy (in some kinda way haha). I also like the idea to create a "wall of fame" where you can stick anything that so memorable to you. It's like making a scrapbook on the wall hmm..scrapwall it is heheh.
Sooo..before I do my own wall, here are some inspirations I collected from Pinterest. Do follow my pinterest by clicking here :)
And from all of those beautiful inspirations, I can sum up the "rules" to make your walls stand out:

  1. Chose a theme that really suit you.
  2. Don't go monotone, like, all photos or all magazines pages. Go mix them up.
  3. The more the merrier. Use frames with different sizes and styles, add more pictures, add a unique shaped mirror, add cute plates, add writings here and there. Or, if you wanna keep it simple and clean, choose a giant wall art to make a "statement" of the whole room. Like say, vintage photo of your grandparents wedding or your favorite movie poster.
  4. "Informative" not only decorative. You can stick beautiful printed recipes, vintage map, chemical periodic table of the elements, or even your study materials. 
  5. Last but not least, be creative, stick anything you want (as long as it has aesthetics to your sight). If you have less budget to buy pretty frames, you can make a DIY frames by painting it on the wall with stencil or you can just stick the wall stickers/wall decals in frame shapes heheh.

PS: All pics are not mine. I found them on pinterest. All credit goes to the appropriate owners.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Best friend by The Drums

  • Simple music video concept
  • "Sad" lyrics
  • Surf rock
  • Dancey tunes
  • Jon Pierce's move!
Okay, nuff said :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Write your story

Is there anyone here wanted to be a writer? 
Well I think every bookworms (or at least those who likes to read a lot) secretly wanted to be a writer too. I mean, by reading those books and find the fact that we can enter the whole new world just by reading a story, our mind can be intrigued by the desire to make our own story too. Am I right or am I right? Oh, the lack of drama in the real life also somehow pushes someone to become a writer. I mean, we can do anything with our characters, our plot, we can write a story about our own life and do anything to our main character (which is yourself hehe).
But what it takes to become a writer? Here I re-post an article from (that site is soooo addictive and informative at the same time) called Ten Rules for Writers by Etgar Keret (he's an Israeli famous writer btw). There are no exact rules to be a writers I know, because all we have to do is just put our heart in writing and let the imagination running wild (well ok, some research may needed here and there), but these ten rules from Etgar Keret might come in handy.
1. Make sure you enjoy writing.
Writers always like to say how hard the writing process is and how much suffering it causes. They’re lying. People don’t like to admit they make a living from something they genuinely enjoy.
Writing is a way to live another life. Many other lives. The lives of countless people whom you’ve never been, but who are completely you. Every time you sit down and face a page and try—even if you don’t succeed—be grateful for the opportunity to expand the scope of your life. It’s fun. It’s groovy. It’s dandy. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
2. Love your characters.
For a character to be real, there has to be at least one person in this world capable of loving it and understanding it, whether they like what the character does or not. You’re the mother and the father of the characters you create. If you can’t love them, nobody can.
3. When you’re writing, you don’t owe anything to anyone.
In real life, if you don’t behave yourself, you’ll wind up in jail or in an institution, but in writing, anything goes. If there’s a character in your story who appeals to you, kiss it. If there’s a carpet in your story that you hate, set fire to it right in the middle of the living room. When it comes to writing, you can destroy entire planets and eradicate whole civilizations with the click of a key, and an hour later, when the old lady from the floor below sees you in the hallway, she’ll still say hello.
4. Always start from the middle.
The beginning is like the scorched edge of a cake that’s touched the cake pan. You may need it just to get going, but it isn’t really edible.
5. Try not to know how it ends.
Curiosity is a powerful force. Don’t let go of it. When you’re about to write a story or a chapter, take control of the situation and of your characters’ motives, but always let yourself be surprised by the twists in the plot.
6. Don’t use anything just because “that’s how it always is.”
Paragraphing, quotation marks, characters that still go by the same name even though you’ve turned the page: all those are just conventions that exist to serve you. If they don’t work, forget about them. The fact that a particular rule applies in every book you’ve ever read doesn’t mean it has to apply in your book too.
7. Write like yourself.
If you try to write like Nabokov, there will always be at least one person (whose name is Nabokov) who’ll do it better than you. But when it comes to writing the way you do, you’ll always be the world champion at being yourself.
8. Make sure you’re all alone in the room when you write.
Even if writing in caf├ęs sounds romantic, having other people around you is likely to make you conform, whether you realize it or not. When there’s nobody around, you can talk to yourself or pick your nose without even being aware of it. Writing can be a kind of nose-picking, and when there are people around, the task may become less natural.
9. Let people who like what you write encourage you.
And try to ignore all the others. Whatever you’ve written is simply not for them. Never mind. There are plenty of other writers in the world. If they look hard enough, they’re bound to find one who meets their expectations.
10. Hear what everyone has to say but don’t listen to anyone (except me).
Writing is the most private territory in the world. Just as nobody can really teach you how you like your coffee, so nobody can really teach you how to write. If someone gives you a piece of advice that sounds right and feels right, use it. If someone gives you a piece of advice that sounds right and feels wrong, don’t waste so much as a single second on it. It may be fine for someone else, but not for you.
PS: This post is especially dedicated to my friends Vie and Dnd who share the same dream to become a novel writer. Well, you already made your first step, I read your stories and they're not bad. You go girls! :)