Friday, November 11, 2011


I named this blog with pokimerah, which means red Pocky.
Yeah, this red pocky is refer to a very popular stick chocolate snack: Pocky.
The reason why I chose the name is because it's something that pops out of my bf. When we went to movie, we bought Pocky as a snack, but because we also bought some chips and drinks which made our stomach full (yes chips can make us full, esp when it comes from the large size), the pocky is left uneaten. I brought the pocky back home, and until the day he came to my house, we ate the pocky together.
At that particular day, he said that terms: poki merah. And the words just simply stuck in my head and I love it :)

the main suspect ;p
ain't you just craving these buddies now? :9

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