Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On-time please!

You must be agree with me if I said that waiting is the most boring activity someone could have.
Yes indeed. But unfortunately, I always stuck in that situation, waiting for other people.
Even when I tried to come late, I mostly always end up become the first one arrive 
-____- I know, right?
I don't know how this 'jam karet' thingy is actually become a habit and even a culture, in Indonesia. 
Personally, I really hate that, and I can proudly say that I have been accustomed to always come on-time since I was a little girl. In elementary school, I cried when I came late. Seriously. But what happened with you guys? Why did you waste your (and my) time by coming late? Don't you know that time is one of the most valuable things in human's life?

Just recently, I had these annoying experiences of waiting for my friends. In the first case, I actually planned on not coming at all because I had this bad stomachache, but my friend kinda disappointed and beg me to come even if I come late (the appointment is around 8 o'clock in the morning at K's dorm). And yes, as you can guess, eventually I said to her that 'I would come at 10'. I arrived just a few minutes before 10, and you know what? Beside K, there was nobody else.We agreed at 8 and I came at 10, and they didn't even showed up yet, bummer! FYI we're all finally met at 1.30 PM instead of 8 fucking AM. 
Second case is when I had this appointment with my friends (completely different people from the first case) to attend an event and to meet up at some place before we go to the venue. The meeting time is around 10 o'clock, and this friend of mine has warned me to come a lil bit late. So I planned on coming at 10.30 instead. But, again, when I arrived to the meeting point at 10.30, I was the first one there. What the hell? Actually I had to wait for an hour before they finally arrived. 

And these two cases are not even reach the quarter of my bitter experiences in waiting, I had been through a bunch of similar situations before, and probably will face it in the days ahead. *sigh*
You know what?
I'm sick and tired of being an on-time girl in Indonesia.

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