Tuesday, April 10, 2012

(not) a birthday post

Today, right at this moment (an hour before midnight GMT+7), twenty two years ago, I was born.
I can't explain what I feel now, I don't feel like it's a special day whatsoever, because. Well, this is just another day in my life. A day to remarks my exact 22 years of life, with a splash of affection, care, cheer, sweet surprise, aaaaaand CAKE(s)!
However, I feel so grateful for everything God gave me all these years. For life, family, friends, greatest boyfriend...everything.
Alhamdulillah :)

PS: I don't know why but most of my close friends's wish for me is "get married soon"
Haha, I think 22 is way too young for marriage. No? 
I mean, me? Getting married? Hahaha. According to my brother, I still act like a 5 year old. Seriously. Ask him for the reasons ;p

Hello :)

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