Tuesday, April 3, 2012

VansGirls: Lucy Hale

This is kinda an old news I guess, well yeah not too old, because it dated only a year ago, but I recently found the photos of Lucy Hale in Vans photoshoot in Pinterest and immediately fell in love with them.
I mean, this is like having two of my favorite things in one photoshoot. Lucy Hale is one of my favorite Hollywood girls nowadays and Vans, I mean, come on. Everyone must have at least a pair of Vans shoes right? (okay I'm exaggerating haha). My pair of Vans is just like the picture next to Lucy's right shoulder in the first pic below. Those are the ones I wore in high school days. *teenage skater girl style mode: on*

who said sneakers can't nicely combined with skirts? 

I have the similar tanktop

Raise your hand if you got this outfit as your daily style!
And here's the video:

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