Monday, August 13, 2012

Rockafelt continued..

Yes, peeps! I'm continuing my felt project. Turned out, it's so fun to create something cute and functional out of simple materials :)
Here they are, the newest family member of Rockafelt

Say hello to Mochu, the pink monkey!
Actually I got the design of this monkey from a website called, but the monkey was not a felt craft over there. Of course I customize it here and there as usual. So far this is my favorite one. It's just so cute huh?
My bro helped me find an unused ring and made it into a keychain. I used it as a bag charm though ;p

Don't fold your book please. Use this leave bookmark instead :)
You can't see the back in this photo, but it made from a baby green colored felt.

Another Keep Calm pin cushion? 
Yes it is! I removed the mustache this time because it's so freakin' hard to make :(

Well, this is it. The Rockafelt family. I'm considering adding some more. I have ideas in mind and a handy book, just need a little more time.
What? Busy? Pfft you gotta kidding me! Hahah
Oh, well yes I'm an unemployment. But I considered myself as a busy unemployment heheh. I mean, Idul Fitri is coming in days. Soooo excited!!

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