Thursday, August 2, 2012


What is Rockafelt anyway?
Well, it's the name I choose for my felt sewing project :)
A few days ago, I bought this book about the tutorial of making crafts out of the felt/flannel and suddenly I fell in love. I like it cause it's rather simple and oh, how cute they look! Honesty, this is not a new thing for me, since I have done the same project in high school, I was made a Bart Simpson's head out of a yellow felt and it turns out good as I used it as a hanging decoration in my old car. Ah, good old times..
So, the next day after I bought the book, me and bf went again to the bookstore and hang out around the Craft & Co's corner there. I bought a newspaper printed flannel and a small pack of poly fill. After I got home, I immediately finished my old time rabbit pillow project (which I already cut the fabric out weeks ago but then abandon it until I finally bought some poly fill to filled it out) and a cellphone pouch. The result is here:

Not bad huh?

The next project is to make a stuffed owl. Bf requested the color: blue. I went to King's the next day to bought the materials. To my surprise, the stuffs are not so pricey there! I made a total purchase of 42k and I already got: 50x100 cm blue and black felts, ten pieces of 25x25 cm felts and also a bunch of poly fill. Phew, imagine how many creation I can make out of them! Haha.
Long story short, I made the stuffed owl as the book told and it turns out like this:

Oh yeah, I made that keep calm teacup pin cushion too. Why? Well maybe it's because of the Olympic euphoria or..I just get inspired ;p Oh have I told you that I'm also some kind of an Anglophile too? 

And here it is, my latest creation. I made a glasses pouch as a gift for grandma's upcoming birthday.
As a newbie, I'm quite productive in these past two days ;p hahaha

What's next?

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