Sunday, October 21, 2012

On the wall

I really love to spice up the wall with wall arts such as posters, paintings, photos, magazine pages.... just anything that can make the pale boring wall become colorful and artsy (in some kinda way haha). I also like the idea to create a "wall of fame" where you can stick anything that so memorable to you. It's like making a scrapbook on the wall hmm..scrapwall it is heheh.
Sooo..before I do my own wall, here are some inspirations I collected from Pinterest. Do follow my pinterest by clicking here :)
And from all of those beautiful inspirations, I can sum up the "rules" to make your walls stand out:

  1. Chose a theme that really suit you.
  2. Don't go monotone, like, all photos or all magazines pages. Go mix them up.
  3. The more the merrier. Use frames with different sizes and styles, add more pictures, add a unique shaped mirror, add cute plates, add writings here and there. Or, if you wanna keep it simple and clean, choose a giant wall art to make a "statement" of the whole room. Like say, vintage photo of your grandparents wedding or your favorite movie poster.
  4. "Informative" not only decorative. You can stick beautiful printed recipes, vintage map, chemical periodic table of the elements, or even your study materials. 
  5. Last but not least, be creative, stick anything you want (as long as it has aesthetics to your sight). If you have less budget to buy pretty frames, you can make a DIY frames by painting it on the wall with stencil or you can just stick the wall stickers/wall decals in frame shapes heheh.

PS: All pics are not mine. I found them on pinterest. All credit goes to the appropriate owners.

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