Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Go to Sleep

Something for the rag and bone man
Over my dead body
Something big is gonna happen
Over my dead body
Someone's son or someone's daughter
Over my dead body
This is how I end up sucked in
Over my dead body
I'm gonna go to sleep 
And let this wash all over me
We don't really want a monster taking over
Tip toeing, tying down
We don't want the loonies taking over
Tip toeing, tying down our arms
May pretty horses 
Come to you as you sleep
I'm gonna go to sleep
And let this wash over me

It's kinda disappointing how Radiohead uses a lot of electronic synthesizer thingy for their songs these days (try to listen In Rainbows and King of Limbs and compare them to Pablo Honey or The Bends and you'll get what I mean). But, I still love them anyway ;p
My all time favorite of all of their songs is....ermm not Go to Sleep (gotcha!), but Thinking About You. The song that came from Pablo Honey, their first record back in 1993.

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