Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Still can't get used to blogspot after using tumblr haha
After all, I have no time because I have to get my fucking thesis done. I have to submit my thesis on 3rd January. Hope it will be finish by the time. The only thing left is making an abstract. I already made it in Indonesian, just need to figure out to translate it into a proper english. Idk but I'm so lazy these days. Maybe it's because of this holiday thingy all around. I don't celebrate christmas, but December is always be a lazy dazy holiday time in a year that I usually waiting for. Well, not this year actually...
I just made a 'pas photo' yesterday at Jonas BIP, and guess what? They need 4 days to finish it!! And I get the feeling that this is not gonna be my best photo :(
Okay, I'm gonna stop rambling now and get my abstract done.

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