Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Unestablish is an online retail store from Singapore and consists of some cool and inspiring global brands and urban stuffs for men and women. Yeah, I know what's in your mind "why on earth I post this stuff anw?" Well I just considered to join a giveaway quiz by lovely Claradevi from Lucedale and thought that it may be cool if I joined it since I'm not that fashion blogger kinda girl ;p
Well, my favorite items (after spending loooong time to decide because all of their stuffs are uberly cool and whimsical in a good way) are these:

If 'love at first sight' is really exist, I think I kinda felt it when I saw this jacket. Why can anybody doesn't love this unique, edgy jacket?

Yeah, I know there's too much satchel in the girls' closet all over the world right now. I mean, sometimes I hate it when all the people wearing the same item, like this 'sejuta umat' bag. But there's something about this particular satchel bag, the mix of textures and materials and of course because of the name: Summer Briefcase.. which somehow make me think about how we keep those fun things we usually can find in the summer in this satchel ;)

This legging is definitely something I can't resist. It reminds me of those white and black pants Hayley Williams always wear on the stage. Cool, huh?
Oh one more thing, in this month, Unestablish also offers 25% discount, free worlwide shipping and cash rebates on all of the purchases! I know, right? It's the month of giving and generousity, so let's just not waste our time and go click unestablish.com :))

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