Thursday, May 31, 2012

The end of May 12

May is almost over, peeps.
Phew! Can you even believe that?
June is approaching and that means, Ramadhan is getting closer too.. Yippie!!

Soooo today is one of my good friends' bday.
I went to a surprise party for her this morning, and having so much fun, indeed! The surprise was going well unless the part when I accidently 'blow' the candles with my laughter, twice :|
So yeah, we attacked her with eggs and flour, and yes, she smells so baaaad afterward hahah. V even had to helped the birthday girl clean the whole mess by showering her with water hahaha. My god, that was so epic ;)
Happy birthday again my dear Silvia..

PS: Why would the title is so dramatic?

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