Sunday, May 20, 2012

a random post, just ignore it

I'm not good at writing about my private life.
I'm a introvert indeed.
I never really can open up to anyone about my life, my dreams, my secret. That's why, I never have any bestfriend whom I can share everything with for all of my life. The only person can do that now end up being my boyfriend. So, he's my bestfriend/boyfriend, which is so great.
So, making a blog is a big step for me, especially for my tumblr.
My tumblr is a sacred place for me to write and post my thoughts. It contains mostly private thoughts of mine about everything. Not really about everything, but... yeah you know what I mean.
But since I gathered some followers, and when my friends (who don't even have any tumblog) said things like 'your tumblr is so interesting to read!', I feel like it's not really a sacred place for me anymore. Don't get me wrong, I actually flattered when someone really have an intention to follow my tumblog, liked my post or even reblogged them. Yeah, I'm so flattered. I mean, who the hell am I? I'm no one. Just an ordinary girl who likes to post rubbish and random things in her tumblr heheh.. 
But yeah.. I can't regret things I've done. When I think about it again, I think all this blog thingy is good. It's like leaving the trace of our life in the hands of technology and internet world. Probably when I'm 50, I'm gonna reopen my tumblr and cry/laugh out loud when I look at those posts I wrote :')

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