Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer tunes

Even though Indonesia only have two seasons, I still get the excitement feeling when people at the North 'celebrating' summer time. Summer means holiday, beach, cute bathing suit, laying all day long without even feeling guilty, ice cream, and also...water melons! In the summer also, everything would look so fun and colorful.
So, have you got your bathing suit and popsicle? Okay, there's only one thing left for you to enjoy summer time: Good music!
Well, I know music will always accompany you whether it's summer or winter. But there's always something about blasting your ipod/any music player if you don't have ipod like me while enjoying your 'me time' by the beach.
Here are my choice of summer music (taken from my tumblr):

1. Superfast Jellyfish by Gorillaz 
This is the cutest song. I don’t know what makes it cute, since the lyrics probably contain deeper meaning than it was on the surface. Maybe it’s the jellyfish.. they dancing and bumping around in the music video even though they know they’ll be eaten in the next 3 microwave minutes… wait, are they the meal or just the toy came inside the breakfast box? Idk, I told you before, I’m bad at making song/video interpretation ;p

2. Piknik 72 by Naif 
This song has a strong 70s/retro/summer/vespa vibe! Always sing along when I hear this song and lately, my bro was blasting it in the car while we were driving home from my dad’s work place. We ended up sing this song so loud, assuming that the car was a karaoke booth.

3. London’s Burning by The Temper Trap
Finally I made it to listen all the songs from Temper Trap’s self titled album. All I can say about the new album is: It’s different. I thought there will be more songs like Rabbit Hole, but turns out, it’s not like that. London’s Burning for example, this song has a somewhat familiar and catchy tune that makes me love the song at the first hearing.

4. Wide Awake by Katy Perry
Personally, I think this song is better than Part of Me. A perfect closure for Teenage Dream album era.

5. One Eighty by Summer by Taking Back Sunday
An old one I got here, but still one of my all-time favorite songs.

6. He’s Not a Boy by The Like 
The first The Like song I ever heard, came from the album Release Me. The song is beautiful, sugary, rollicking, and stylish at the same time! Oh, and the mod theme really suit them well.

7. Supercollider by Radiohead
I will always put Radiohead’s song in my playlist. Always. This song is one of the two tracks that were released as Radiohead’s 2011 single on the Record Store Day on 16 April 2011. Supercollider was recorded during the making of The King of Limbs album and finished off after the album came out. I don’t know why this song didn’t included in The King of Limbs. Cause it’s too different with the rest of the songs in the album? Ironically, I like this song better than those in TKOL album (beside Lotus Flower of course).

8. Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
The song is so popular nowadays (138 million views on youtube), and there are so many people play around with the chorus lines: “Hey I just met you. And this is crazy. So here’s my number. So call me maybe?” They change the lyrics as they wish to be..from a vulgar one to the childish one. However, the song is catchy and really summery (at least the video is).

For all of you who unfortunately can't afford to go out of town for a summer vacation, don't worry, make your own playlist and enjoy it during the summer time. Or, if you still want to do something different so you can feel the oh-so-summer vibe, you can do what rookiemag suggest to do here. Click, click.
That's all from me. Enjoy your summer peeps! <-- this is clearly not for you who lives in Australia

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  1. i love wide awake too! it's been playing on my mind for 3 days now! :D the word of "god knows that i tried" is so touching in my opinion. and yeah, call me maybe still striking my head until now. amazed by the video views too :x

    and the rest, i don't know... haha!