Friday, July 27, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Have you watch The Dark Knight Rises?
What do you think?
Some of you might say that it's great.
Some of you might say that it's good but not great.
Some of you might say that it's shitty.

To be honest, I'm with the second type of people.
Well, Robert Fure has kindly elaborate the 11 things that didn't work in the 'The Dark Knight Rises' in this website, so I will not retype it again here.
I have some similar thoughts with him, beside, mine is also including the cliche ending. 
Cliche? Doesn't Christopher Nolan has known of being a director who likes to keep the audiences lost in confusion because of his 'complicated' story ending? 
Yes, I know that, very well. But Nolan disappointed me with this one.

Spoiler alert: Don't read the rest of this post if you haven't watch the movie.

I'm not kidding.

The ending of TKDR so much like The Avengers ending. You know, the hero sacrificed himself for the sake of the whole people in the city. I know that's what the superhero supposed to do in the first place, but after watching The Avengers, I kinda expect something different with Batman.
Oh, TKDR is pretty much similar with The Reichenbach Fall too. 

Dari pas si batman nerbangin pesawatnya sambil bawa bom itu, perasaan gue udah bilang kalo ini ujung-ujungnya pasti bakalan kaya si Iron Man di the Avengers digabung sama skenario kematian Sherlock di The Reichenbach Fall. Dan maaann..gue bener. Iya kalo adegan Batman pas di dalem pesawatnya lebih keliatan. Ini mah gak diliatin dari perspektif Batmannya pas detik-detik bomnya mau meledak. Makin curigalah gue kalo dia gak bakalan mati gara-gara bom. Apalagi pas ada adegan Alfred di depan batu nisan Bruce Wayne. Ohmaygad. Deja vu banget --> John Watson ngomong sendiri di depan nisan Sherlock Holmes di The Reichenbach Fall.
I didn't say I hate TKDR, but me and my bf just can not get the awe feeling after we watched it ;p

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